Case Studies
With one of the most enviable clientele, Openspace Services has tremendous experience of working in diverse industries. Our valued partnerships with our clients have resulted in the creation of new paradigms and a prestigious reputation. Here’s what our clients have to reciprocate
About Alangoo is a Marketplace for the independently made unique fashion by underground designers with backgrounds in exotic corners of the globe.

Challenges in Business
  • Bring Every unique fashion designers on Single platform
  • Create store for all the designer who wants to sell their handmade product
  • How to create trust in sellers
  • Bring different product on single platform from different designer from all over the globe
  • Make the commercial Adjustment of each Material sold on platform.

  • Allow different designers to register with the portal with sample products upload option. ALANGOO team can view the register designer products online and allow or reject the request based on communication with designer. Once the Designer is approve on portal, they can create their store and upload their products for sell.
  • As designers are from all over glob, they can define their own shipping price to different region of the world with respect to their country.
  • Designers will also have option to define their own return policies.
  • All the Sold items will be shown on Designer account so then can dispatch the Material to respected user.
  • At the same time Buyers will have flexibility to purchase products from across the designers and system will take care of separating
  • All the buyers will have their account to check the order status and also basic functionality like order history, Profile change etc.
  • ALANGOO team will have admin access to monitor and control all these activity from single panel. System will give them all the details related to order, shipping price and commission calculation based on their formula. has now 1200+ products from different designers and has sold almost more than 800 Pieces from market place and sell count is growing rapidly.
About Rubberband
Rubberband’s identity is defined through its collection of notebooks and desktop products, as simple daily use products, which combine utility and a refined designed styling.

Challenges in Business
  • Create E-commerce website with different category products for paper product to non-paper products.
  • Sell products across the globe with multiple currency support options.
  • Use some of the rich features of E-commerce site like product customization, Promo- code, Registration, Track Shipping information etc.
  • Also need to know all the abandoned orders, which has been tried and not converted into actual Order.

  • Complete E-commerce website with all Challenges has been take care.
  • Entire website can be manage by Client as all the pages are CMS based to update and upload.
  • Good MIS reports which gives you reports like daily, Weekly, Monthly and Yearly Sale.
  • It also provide you top Spenders on site, Top Selling products
  • Even we have given them reports which explain which day of the week does better business so they can plan the promotional activity accordingly. is doing very good online business from the portal and each passing month Sales figures has increased as per expectation.